Theatre is a community lighthouse, able to illuminate the collective imagination - creating a venue for discourse and debate where attitudes and ideologies can be transformed. I am dedicated to sharing my passion for theatre and the wonderful world of invention and discovery with people from all walks of life. My teaching approach engages and encourages student learners to discover their authentic voice.  Emphasizing individual agency, self-efficacy, and multiculturalism.

Theatre has the capacity to help a person find their niche in complex world, theatre can strengthen character and improve self-concept, and exposure to theatre can enrich a person’s quality of life. At the core of my artistic approach is a passion for truth, integrity, and authenticity. How ‘truth’ is achieved varies in technique and method, ultimately, I believe that having a greater interpersonal understanding allows for richer, bolder, more confident artistic choices and interpretations.


I draw upon my own triumphs and failures to reach, teach, and motivate students to aspire beyond their circumstances. Throughout my career I have benefited greatly from the direction of great teachers and critically acclaimed theatre and acting practitioners. My life’s work reflects a commitment to culturally responsive pedagogy, social justice, and intellectual enlightenment through performing arts.


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